Ranah Minangkabau

Ranah Minang is what the Minangkabaus, the major ethnic group of West Sumatra, Indonesia call their land (land of the Minangkabaus). Dotted by the horn-roofed (bagonjong) traditional and modern buildings, West Sumatra has everything visitors look for – 5 big lakes, white-sand beaches, 3 major mountains, cool hills, surfs known the world over in the Mentawai islands and most of all beautiful people with exotic arts and crafts. The Capital is Padang. Spicy cuisine completes the adventure.

The horn-shaped roofs reflect the history of the Minangkabaus when they defeated the mighty army of Adityawarman, a Hindu King from the island of Java, through a ruse of pitting a small baby ox against the big black ox of the mighty King. The baby ox being hungry and thinking that the big one was its mother decided to approach the big ox and tried to breastfeed. The Minangkabaus had fixed on the horns of the smaller ox very sharp knives that opened the belly of the big one. Of course, due to heavy bleeding the big one collapsed and the Minangkabaus were declared winners without a war.

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