This photo shows one of the regular transportation units within the Capital Padang called ANGKOT which stands for Angkutan Kota or City Transportation. It is very colorful, inside you can find a sound system blaring local, national or western music. Tall people may have difficulty entering this vehicle and it usually can hold up to 10 persons comfortably (Asian size). Many drivers think they are Michael Schumacher, Sebastian Vettel, or Fernando Alonso.


– Get a taxi or a public bus from the counter specially provided. Taxi to City Center costs approximately Rp. 120,000 (one hundred twenty thousand rupiahs) and the public bus (by DAMRI or TRANEX) approximately Rp. 25,000 ? (twenty five thousand rupiahs). Will get back to you for the current tariffs for October 2010.

– When you flag down a taxi in public streets of Padang and other cities in West Sumatra, you may have to haggle the price even if they have meters. So, it is best to have a local with you to haggle the right price, or if you are adventurous enough find out first from the locals the going rate and then try to do it yourself.

– Certain hotels can provide you hotel-airport transfer or get you a taxi but the rate is higher than from airport to hotel. It may cost you approximately Rp. 125,000 (one hundred twenty five thousand rupiahs) a car NOT Per Person.


As a result of the big earthquake of September 30, 2009 Hotel Inna Muara has been completely rebuilt into a modern high rise hotel with the new name – Grand Inna Muara.  This means Padang, Capital of West Sumatra Province, Indonesia have another 4-star hotel.

The collapsed Ambacang Hotel has also been rebuilt and sports a new name, The Axana Hotel.

These 2 new hotels are now open and are receiving guests.

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